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Jelly of spumante alta langa

with berries and basil scented lemon sorbet


Spumante Alta Langa
Basil Scented Lemon Sorbet

The sous-chef Michael Morandi is an expert in pastries: each cake, biscuit or sorbet that leaves the kitchen of "La Beola" Restaurant must have his approval. Taking advantage of his precious know-how, we present today a fresh and innovative dessert, which is perfect the whole year - even though it is best consumed in summer.

Michael Mornadi
Sous-Chef of the restaurant "La Beola" Grand Hotel Majestic – Pallanza
"It is a very simple recipe, we begin by pouring sparkling wine with sugar in a saucepan and we heat the mixture until the sugar has dissolved, meanwhile, we soften the gelatine in cold water - cold water is preferable to avoid chunks.

I chose this sparkling wine for its balance and harmony; it is made in Piedmont by one of the leading producers of Spumante, Italian bubbles. Once the sugar is dissolved, we add the softened gelatine to the mixture and continue stirring to make it smooth, then we remove it from the heat and leave in the refrigerator for at least two hours, or until the gelatine becomes solid.

When hardened, we chop the gelatine and place it on the bottom of the glass, add a tablespoon of berry smooth to give some colouring, then the fruits and on top the lemon sorbet basil scented. To garnish, just a couple of basil sprouts".