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Flan of Chards with Bruschetta of Variegated Cherry Tomatoes and Crescenza Cheese Cream.

Spring is about to be here, that is why I present you a recipe that could be a good idea of appetizer for your Easter menu, the Flan of Chards with Bruschetta di Variegated Cherry Tomatoes and Crescenza Cheese Cream.

The ingredients of the recipe are:

Chards or Beets




Parmesan cheese

Variegated Tomatoes

Fresh Bread and Fresh Oregano


Let's start with the flan.

In a glass blender we put the beets previously boiled with a little salt and then squeezed to eliminate excess water, with fresh eggs (two whole eggs and one yolk only) and fresh ricotta cheese - which will make the flan softer and lighter - and grated Parmesan cheese - which will give it a more intense taste.

Add a dash of milk cream, and season to taste with black pepper, salt and nutmeg. Let's blend the ingredients and pour the mixture into a mould for cooking, (I chose a cup of coffee because we will serve it as an appetizer and so it is good that it is small), which we will have previously greased with a brush, so that it doesn't stick to the borders. We fill it to the brim and then cook it in "bain-marie".

Take a baking pan and place a napkin on the bottom, pour a finger deep of water and put the mould in the middle, then put it in the oven at 140° for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime we can work on the crescenza cream. In a small pan put the cream of milk and add salt, when it reaches boiling point add the crescenza and stir gently until it is soft and even, when it is, the crescenza cream is ready.

And let's move on to the last detail of the dish.

We have chosen these tomatoes of different colors, we have washed them and cut them into little cubes and dress them as if they were a salad, with oil, salt and pepper and some fresh oregano leaves.

The flan is also ready, we take it out of the oven and compose the dish.

We serve it in a small bowl. We take the flan out and put it in the center and pour the hot cream sauce to cover the flan well.

From a loaf of bread we sliced thin slices and transformed them into chips made in the oven.

We lay them on top of the flan which will be the bruschetta that contains the tomatoes. We add some oregano, which is the herb we have chosen for the recipe, we finish with some drops of extra virgin olive oil and the flan of herbs with cream of crescenza and bruschetta of cherry tomatoes is ready.

Enjoy your meal!