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fioca from formazza in a soft version

with Panettone and Marron Glacé


For four people
2 eggs (very fresh)
100 g of Milk
80 g of Sugar
2 g of Sheets of Isinglass
Vanilla Berries
250 g Cream
Panettone cut into disks and cubes
Marron Glacé
Dark Chocolate
Mint for garnish

Let's start with the realization of the cream.

We put in a saucepan milk, sugar and eggs. It’s really important that the eggs are fresh. We will begin to bake our compound, but only until it starts boiling. We add the spices, in this case we chose grated tangerine peel – perfect for Christmas time – and vanilla: we cut the berry in its length and with the tip of the knife we can extract the pulp, the aromatic part of the vanilla. Meanwhile I take the isinglass that had soaked in cold water and let it dry.

The Fioca is a typical dessert from Formazz Valley, consisting of fresh cream, sugar and eggs, and different aromas. Here we realize a recipe a bit more light and fluffy using the siphon.

Back to our dessert, add the gelatin to the compound which will melt with the heat, this will help binding the mixture. It 'very important to filter it to remove any lumps, then add cold uncooked cream and let stand in refrigerator for at least 4/5 hours, meanwhile we’ll grill the panettone.

This recipe is great because it makes you eat Panettone in a different way, when you are fed up eating it in its classical form. You cut discs and cubes and put them in the oven on 'grill' function for a few seconds, just long enough to make it golden brown.

We now take our compound from the refrigerator and load the siphon, using a single gas canister. We are ready to compose our dessert, which we decided to serve in a glass.

On the bottom I put a disc of Panettone and a few pieces of crumbled marron glacé, a bit 'of our Fioca and another disc of Panettone with some other piece of marron glacé, some more Fioca and top it with Panettone’s cubes, some grated dark chocolate and two mint leaves for garnishment. We embellish with a tangerine clove and vanilla bean, representing the arome of our dessert.

Fioca of Formazza in the soft version with Panettone and Marron Glace is now ready to be enjoyed.
Happy Holidays!