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Eggnog with Tangerine and Cinnamon

Welcome to Ristorante La Beola at Grand Hotel Majestic in Pallanza, I am Danilo Bortolini, the chef.

Today’s recipe is typical of Christmas and it’s great with Panettone: it is an Eggnog with Tangerine and Cinnamon.



Extra Fresh Eggs

Marsala liqueur




Let’s start by separating the yolk and the egg white, pour the yolk in a small pot where you will then whisk it and warm it up with sugar. The recipe says three eggs and three spoons of white sugar. You start working gently with no flames.

To add some more flavor, add three spoons of Marsala liqueur, and then some Prosecco that will make the Eggnog fluffy thanks to its gas. Turn on the heat and whisk it, being careful not to burn the cream.

Pour it in your bowl and finish it with some tangerine zest and cinnamon powder.

Your Eggnog with Tangerine and Cinnamon is now ready for you to enjoy, Merry Christmas to you all from Grand Hotel Majestic.