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The brand new exhibitions of Gabriele Kromer's graphics.

The Grand Hotel Majestic takes pleasure in presenting, in Sala Rotary I and II, a yearly updated exhibition of the artist GABRIELE KROMER.

She lives in Germany at Lake Constance. Her current exhibition “THE AMAZING DETAILS OF PICTURES” confronts image sections of her graphics with the original motive. This results in surprisingly new perspectives. The pictures tell stories of life. They come into being by use of quite diverse techniques, sometimes matched with collage techniques. After being scanned, they are printed in an elaborate procedure as “POSTER GRAPHICS”. A fictitious interview serves as a guidepost to Gabriele Kromer’s graphics and poems in her new volume “MANCHE HUNDE FLIEGEN” (“SOME DOGS FLY”). An excerpt is given here:

Interviewer: „Some dogs fly? How is that?” GK: „Often dogs are our best friends, and true friends share my dreams with me. Then we fly together!“ Interviewer: „And the dreams end up in this book?” GK: „Right. My dreams slip right into my pictures and poems. There my fears start smiling. That’s my personal means of escape – not quite perfect, but nevertheless good!” Interviewer: „ So some of the bitterness in life is, in a way, the charge for creative flight exercises with dogs?” GK: „Exactly!“

Gabriele Kromer’s work has been shown in a number of solo art exhibitions. Selected graphics have been published in currently five volumes. Further information is found on the homepage