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Tagliolino alla chitarra

with Goat’s chopped meat, artichokes and turmeric


Fresh egg noodles *
Goat’s chopped meat
Vegetables (celery, carrot, onion)
Fresh diced tomatoes
Pecorino cheese
Turmeric powder
White wine
* 500 g flour 00 + 500 grams of semolina wheat flour + 15 yolks

Spring is around the corner, the banks of Lake Maggiore return to their happy color and the classic plants of the lake, camellias, azaleas, magnolias and rhododendrons are tinged with a thousand colors: a feast for the eyes. The months of March, April and May are also a joy for the palate, vegetables and seasonal fruits return to our tables, fresh and colorful as the flowers in the gardens. And then what about Italian meat tradition for Easter? Danilo Bortolin, chef of Grand Hotel Majestic restaurant "La Beola", shows us a recipe with an unusual version of the classic Easter goat’s kid.

Danilo Bortolin - Chef of Grand Hotel Majestic Restaurant “La Beola”:

"I spread the previously prepared pasta, then realize the noodles with the guitar. As we leave the pasta to dry we take care of the sauce.

Fry the vegetables in the pan with the garlic and on a separate pan cook the meat - preferably the shoulder of the goat so that has more fat – help with a little oil, salt and pepper and then add the turmeric.

When the meat is browned and the vegetables cooked, join both in the pan, fade with some wine and leave to cook with diced tomatoes. If it gets too dry, add vegetable stock. The cooking must be slow and covered with the lid.

While the sauce is cooking I take the pan where I browned the meat and I'll blow the artichokes cut into strips with a little salt, come parsley and fade it with wine. We perform a quick cooking of 4/5 minutes to leave the artichokes crispy.

After 40 minutes, the sauce is almost ready and then we can cook the pasta in lightly salted boiling water for a few minutes. We bring the sauce in a wider pan and we add the drained pasta adding the parsley, a little oil and we can serve it with artichokes.

With spoon and fork I make a nest in the middle of the plate. Abound with meat sauce and add the artichokes. We close with grated pecorino cheese and we end it with a Rosemary flower.”