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Sea Bass slice with ‘panzanella’

of variegated tomatoes


Sea Bass slice
Bruschetta of Tuscan bread
Fresh tomatoes gazpacho
Basil flavored oil
Semi-dried variegated tomatoes
Red onions
EVO oil

Let’s begin by cooking the sea bass slice. In an old little pan we’ll warm up some pink coarse salt from Himalaya that will conduct the heat to the fish fillet. Then we lay the slice of sea bass on top of the salt, only after having carved it on the skin side.

Some salt, pepper and EVO oil on the skin side and we lay it on top of a cooking sheet on the salt and then cover it with aluminium foil for keeping its natural softness.

While it cooks, and it’ll take eight to ten minutes, we can work on the ‘panzanella’. Drown a toasted bruschetta into gazpacho, then put the sun-dried tomatoes on top of it with the red onion and cucumber slices with some fresh herbs.

When the sea bass is ready, take it off the pan and lay it on the plate next to the ‘panzanella’.

Then a few drops of Basil flavored oil here and there and the Sea Bass fillet with ‘panzanella’ of variegated tomatoes is ready for you to enjoy!