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Salmon cooked in extra vergine olive oil

broccoli and anchovies sauce


Fresh salmon
Sundried tomatoes
Olives (better taggiasche olives)
Soy Sauce

Today’s recipe is salmon cooked in extra virgin olive oil with broccoli and anchovies sauce. As we need to cook the salmon fully immersed in the EVO oil, we begin by putting plenty of it in a pan, in which we add the herbs (fennel, thyme, rosemary, a bay leaf) and garlic. We then heat it all up until it reaches 80°C, if you need you can also use a probe to help you understand how warm it is.

In the meantime we can start cooking the broccoli by putting them in salted boiled water, leave them for 4-5 minutes. Usually green leaves need to be cooked in hot water with a pinch of salt.
We then immerse the salmon in the hot EVO oil and let it cook for 15 minutes.

We are now ready to prepare the sauce: mix taggiasche olives with minced sundried tomatoes, a drop of soy sauce, fresh chopped parsley, an anchovy, EVO oil and grinded pepper. In this case we don’t need to add salt, as it’s already very savory. Stir the mix well and put it aside.

We then drain the broccoli, put them in a terrine, add salt, EVO oil, grinded pepper and we smash them by using a whisk to make a purée. If 15 minutes have passed, the fish will be ready and we can now drain it. Thanks to the cooking at 80°C, the salmon will be soft, juicy inside and not greasy as it doesn’t absorb additional fat. We add now some flakes of salt and we’re ready to prepare our plate.

As a base of our salmon make a quenelle of broccoli purée, put our fish fillet above it and finish the plate with the anchovies sauce.