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Saffron Poached Eggs

with Green Asparagus and Ricotta Goat Cheese


Fresh Eggs
Green Asparagus
Ricotta Goat Cheese
Parmesan Cheese Waffle with Black Sesame Seeds
Salt and Pepper

To cook the poached egg pour some vinegar in boiling water, in this case add some saffron to taste, spin the water with a spoon to create a whirl and drop the egg in the middle of it, that way it will stay compact. In the meantime, the egg needs 3-4 minutes to cook, we’ll dress the Ricotta goat cheese with some salt, much pepper, EVO oil. After a few minutes we take the egg off the water, with the white well hard and the red inside still running

Let’s reheat the asparagus previously, in a hot pan with a few drops of EVO oil, just a little and it’s time to prepare the dish.

With a few quenelles of Ricotta goat cheese - the middle one flat to host the poached egg, before sitting the egg in the middle of the dish, salt it a little and after you can add some asparagus and the parmesan cheese waffle with black sesame seeds.

A few sprouts and some EVO oil’s drops and the Saffron Poached Eggs with Green Asparagus and Ricotta Goat Cheese is now ready for you to enjoy!