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Risotto with pumpkin cream

mushrooms and fondue of bufala camambert


Carnaroli rice
Parmesan cheese
Fresh Rosemary
Pumpkin puree
Bufala Camambert
White wine
Extra virgin olive oil
Vegetable broth

Let's start immediately with the preparation of risotto, the broth is a traditional vegetable one and I added a little pumpkin to give a hint of the main flavor of the dish.
Pour a drop of EVO oil in a pan - to taste, add some onion or shallot, but in this case I keep it rather neutral - add the rice, Carnaroli of the highest quality and away with toasting. It is a very important phase from which the crispness of the grain will depend.

At the end of the roasting we can blend with dry white wine, and then continue cooking with very hot broth for 15 or 16 minutes. While the rice cooks, we make the fondue at Camambert di Bufala, we chose this very creamy cheese with a sour tip and a crust similar to that of Brie. We melt it with some milk, we whisk it all and we get this cream.

Meanwhile, rice is going into cooking. A few minutes from the end add two tablespoons of purée, prepared by sieving the pumpkin cooked in the oven, natural without added fat and nothing else. We also prepare the rosemary that we add at the end of cooking, it should be cut at the moment to maintain the flavors.

15 minutes have elapsed, the rice is ready and we proceed with the creaming. Remove it from the heat and add some butter, fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano, rosemary and a drop of oil. If we whisk it quickly, we can incorporate air and make it fluffier.

Meanwhile, we shall reheat the mushrooms, which I have just scalded with a clove of garlic, and in the holster I put the rice on the bottom of the dish, the mushrooms, a few drops of Bufala Camembert fondue and the finely chopped rosemary.

The risotto with pumpkin cream, mushrooms and Camembert fondue is ready. Enjoy!