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Piedomont fassona beef tartar with raspberries, balsamic vinegar and foie gras


Fassona Beef Fillet
Fresh Raspberries
Aged Balsamic Vinegar
Pate Foie Gras
Raspberry Vinegar
Salt Flakes Mixed salads
Oil, Salt, Sparkling Water

Danilo Bortolin - Chef of ‘La Beola’ Restaurant at ‘Grand Hotel Majestic’: "The first step is cutting the Fassona fillet by knife. I choose the fillet because it allows me to leave the dices a little bigger and I personally prefer this traditional beef from North West Italy for its leanness and taste, it’s perfect to be eaten raw in tartar.
I put the cut fillet in a bowl and mix it with extra virgin olive oil, black pepper to taste, salt flakes and sparkling water. The sparkling water is a chefs’ secret, it enhances the color of the flesh, to make it more appetizing. I like to go easy with the dressing, I do not even use lemon sauce because I don’t like it to 'bake' the meat.
As it is a quick recipe, we can finish it while putting the meat on the dish. I create three little piles of meat, for a starter 100gr are enough, double it if it’s going to be a main course. Add some pieces of raspberry by hand, some salad’s leaves and a few curls of foie gras to give the right level of fat to the combination – and ultimately raspberry vinegar for acidity. With a drop of EVO, the FASSONA TARTARE, RASPERRIES and FOIE GRAS is ready. "

This recipe is quick and easy, ideal for summer lunches outdoors. The difference is the quality of raw material, essential for Chef Danilo Bortolin Chef, as it is the attention to details that brings to all the dishes on the ‘La Beola’ Restaurant menu at Grand Hotel Majestic.