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Marinated trout with vodka and citruses of cannero

Ingredients To Marinate the Trout
Lake Maggiore Pink Trout
Cannero Citrus
Whole Sale
Brown sugar
Pink Pepper Beans

Yoghurt Sauce
Whole Yoghurt
Lemon Juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Peas
Eggs Trout
Oil with Herbs
Edible Flowers

Black Bread

Danilo Bortolin
Chef of the restaurant "La Beola" Grand Hotel Majestic – Pallanza

"I start by marinating the trout. I take the tenderloin and put it in a bowl, add a couple of teaspoons of vodka and two teaspoons of whole salt - a salt that is not refined - and then brown sugar that helps balancing the salt and keep it a little sweet. An abundant grated zest of citrus fruit of Cannero Riviera will do the marinating in the refrigerator for 12 hours – we chose Grapefruit today.
After 12 hours in the refrigerator, I rinse and dry the salmon trout fillet, the texture of the fish has changed: the flesh is firmer and more compact. Then we go ahead with the second phase, and anoint with extra virgin olive oil that will allow other flavours to the tenderloin: like chives cut thin and a little pink pepper which is more delicate than black pepper. We then proceed with the cut of the fish, which we'll leave a little thicker than a normal carpaccio because we want to feel the meaty texture of the trout.

The yoghurt sauce. Add to natural whole yoghurt some grated ginger which will give the dish fresh and light spiciness, then chives and olive oil. We emulsify the ingredients.

On the plate. I put the salmon trout slices on the dish with a few drops of yoghurt sauce, some trout eggs that will give us some sapidity and then I end with the veggies: curls of cucumbers, peeled peas, slices of asparagus and radishes. We colour it with small edible petals, yellow and orange, and top everything with the herb oil. To give a bit of crisp, we add a black bread toasted wafer on each piece of trout.