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Linguine with clams, seabass bottarga and creamy potatoes


Shelled Clams
Clamshell Water
Chili Pepper
White Wine
Seabass Bottarga
Creamy Potatoes

We’ll start by making the first step of our pasta with clams already shelled in a traditional way, by warming them up with oil, garlic, parsley and white wine and holding some of the water they release in the baking.
In a non-stick frying pan let's warm up the EVO oil, add the minced scallops, a whole garlic clove to give a little taste, chili pepper to taste and fry.
Sprinkle with white wine, let evaporate the alcohol and bathe with clamshell water that will release perfume of sea and iodine.
Meanwhile, we cook the linguine in abundant boiling and salty water, drain them ‘al dente’ and finish cooking in the non-stick frying pan with the sauce by adding the already cooked clams, the freshly chopped parsley and mix the flavors.
Now remove the clove of garlic, finish with a spin of oil and proceed with creating the plate. Let's start with a spoon of creamy potatoes, previously prepared by smashing potatos cooked with their broth and EVO oil. With the help of a ring add a linguine nest over the cream, add some sauce, clams and finish with a grated seabass bottarga.
Decorate with sprouts and a last round of oil.
Linguine with clams, seabass bottarga and creamy potatoes are ready, enjoy!