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Cherries cooked in red wine with ice cream and fugascina


Sugar with pectin
Red wine from Val d'Ossola
Orange and lemon's peel
Pitted red cherries
Fugascina (typical from Mergozzo)
Sprouts and flowers

Let's start the recipe by making vin brulè: let the red wine boil in a saucepan with pectin create a thick syrup consistence. We then add flavorings and put the liquid to boil once again, in order to reduce the sauce and make it thicker. It could look like a winter recipe but it's actually perfect for summer also by siding it with ice-cream. When the liquid is thick enough we can add cherries, therefore cook it for 30 seconds and put it aside.
We are now ready to prepare our plate: we create a ring of crumbled fugascina like a frame around the plate, we arrange the cherries in the middle and we finally decorate the dish with ice cream and some sprouts.