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From 25 to 27 September, our city is hosting a grand event organised by Panorama to highlight Italian greatness

The tour is called Panorama d’Italia and Verbania has been selected to be one of the ten stops. There will be many noteworthy guests including Sergio Chiamparino, Vittorio Sgarbi, Emis Killa and Piero Chiambretti. On 26 September, The Grand Hotel Majestic will host Benedetta Parodi’s cooking show titled ‘Una stella fra i fornelli’ (A Star Among the Burners).
It is widely known that Italy is a very unique country rich in history, beauty and accomplishments. However, she is experiencing one of her most difficult moments suffocated by a crisis that refuses to loosen its grip. And yet, a way out exists. There is still a chance for rebirth, and it is more concrete now than one would imagine. All you have to do is look around, go out into the cities, and unlock the treasures that already belong to us to understand that our country does not lack energy sources, talent, creativity and intelligence. These are the resources that we must revitalise, endorse and materialise without imposing obstacles.
It may sound cliché, but only Italy can save herself.
This is why Panorama d’Italia was created consisting of a tour through ten Italian destinations organised by the Panorama weekly paper, which will be stopping from 25 to 27 September in Verbania: a city of excellence chosen among many others.
These three days will be filled with a vibrant, wide-ranging and intense character including encounters, shows, performances and talk shows. Here, there will be no shortage of outstanding guests such as the President of the Piedmont Region Sergio Chiamparino, art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, rapper Emis Killa and the eclectic Piero Chiambretti. One of the most intriguing and mouth-watering performances will be none other than Benedetta Parodi’s cooking show scheduled for Friday 26 September at 1:00 pm inside the Grand Hotel Majestic: a perfect location to be seduced by the culinary marvels of an authentic queen, or better yet, guru of the burners, followed by an exciting ‘food experience’.
During these three days the weekly paper’s most prestigious writers will meet with famous businessmen and entrepreneurs to present new ideas for possible start-ups and will officiate debates, in which employment and development will definitely be the main issues.
Ample time has been dedicated to interaction. Meanwhile a wonderful surprise has been reserved for all children: a chance to meet the second most famous mouse in the world, the adventure journalist Geronimo Stilton.
This event is a fantastic opportunity to see and discover Verbania in a different light, never forgetting Lago Maggiore in the background, an authentic pearl in the midst of Italian greatness. All information regarding the event can be found at: http://www.panoramaditalia.it/citta/verbania. Have fun!
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Grand Hotel Majestic, Editor