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Grand Hotel Majestic is the idyllic spot to experience ‘the light in between’

The light in between. Love is often like this. It is filled with fleeting and unforgettable moments. And you can begin right here at the ‘Light in Between’, title of the renowned novel by Marella Caracciolo Chia, published by Adelphi, to understand how sometimes certain places are influential in igniting passions.
The Island of San Giovanni is located directly in front of the Majestic. It is June 1916. The island is an alcove of peace in a war torn world. Vittoria Colonna meets the futuristic artist Umberto Boccioni. Love flourishes like camellias scattered over the Borromean Islands.
Despite the veil of sweetness enwrapping this place, everything is intense and profound. It is as if time was able to stop, even if only for one moment. This moment takes a breath and the heart watches from afar beyond the waters of the lake, which frame the mountains, while the passing clouds dance in the horizon.
Freeze-frame: on the balcony of one of the hotel’s suites. The light reverberates and crystal droplets seem to sizzle atop the water. A veil drifts into the blue background. Cars are moving. In the horizon there is a lake of possibilities: a boat ride with lots of sparkling wine; a walk in the botanical gardens of Isola Madre offering an authentic wonder for the eyes and the soul; a break at the cloister of Santa Caterina del Sasso, which surges on a cliff over the water. The lake of wonders offers endless opportunities for leisure. The Majestic is the perfect starting point, an ideal focal point for a romantic getaway. There is not a moment to lose, only to gain. Jazz, classical and contemporary music: the Festival of Stresa is an ode to the joy that resonates during summer nights. And a bit further over on the Swiss banks of Lago Maggiore, the stars of cinema are mingling with the most adventurous filmmakers. Now we are at Locarno, where the most innovative cinema festival of Europe takes place. More. Here there are endless choices for those whishing to dine under the stars: from Pallanza to Fondotoce, from Ranco to Orta San Giulio, a gourmet dinner will be endowed with unforgettable memories.
The boats dance by day and the lights at night pulsate over the water jumping, playing and whirling around like fluorescent fish. The history of this lake is rich with noble and ancient fascination. Aristocrats and adventurers, royalty, leaders, artists, and men and women of the world have left deep impacts with their travels here. Even Napoleon stayed one night at the Villa Borromea of Isola Bella, in a vain attempt at reconciling with Josephine. Travellers can visit the room as today it remains perfectly in order and truly regal with its canopy bed and a grand window that faces the island of Isola dei Pescatori. However, the Bonapartes did not leave it this way. Legend says it was a tumultuous night and many plates and furniture were left broken. It happens.
Nonetheless, this does not take away from the romantic language spoken here. This is the perfect location to envision a romantic getaway and the Majestic is the ideal place to make this dream come true.
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Grand Hotel Majestic, Editor