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Today’s we are on the terrace of the Grand Hotel Majestic in Verbania Pallanza to present you a new recipe “Rice, Frogs and Black Garlic”.
Carnaroli Rice
Vegetable Broth
Butter at the taste of Scallion
Parmesan Cheese
Sour Cream
Frog Legs
Black Garlic from Vogher

Let’s start with the risotto and put some scallion butter in a little pan, then add some Carnaroli rice. We have to toast the rice first, it’s very important to warm it up well to have a crunchy grain when cooked. Let’s then blend it with some vegetable both and let it cook for about 16 minutes while we keep pouring broth and stir. After 16 minutes the risotto is ready and we go for ‘mantecatura’. We take the pan off the fire and we add some sour cream a little butter and parmesan. Then add the specialty, the black fermented garlic from Voghera. This Garlic ferments for 90 days in his own skin, so that it turns black with much sweeter notes than the white one. Some fresh chives, we whisk it and then let it rest

Let’s cook the frog legs now. In a pan with some butter we add some rosemary and when the butter is melted we add the frog’s legs previously deboned and covered in flour. Some salt and black pepper and they’re ready for the pan. It will be a very fast fry with lots of butter.

Once cooked, you should drain the extra butter before checking the risotto and preparing the plate.

Over the flat risotto put the frog’s legs. Then finish with some fresh herbs, and ‘Rice, Frog and Black Garlic is ready for you to enjoy’!
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Danilo Bortolin, Chef