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The Sicilian red shrimps are one of Italian excellences, they are good raw, blanched and cooked. In today’s recipe, Chef Danilo Bortolin prepares them in a summer soup, dense but fresh, strong flavoured but sweet, ideal for summer dinners. There's also a version with lobster instead of shrimps, and you can find it in the menu of the restaurant "La Beola" of the Grand Hotel Majestic.
Red Shrimps
Fish Broth
Tomatoes Concassé
Small Cut Pasta
Fillets of Almonds
Spring Onion
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Danilo Bortolin
Chef of the restaurant "La Beola" Grand Hotel Majestic – Pallanza
"Start by pouring some olive oil in a saucepan, heat it and add onion, spring onion, celery and mushrooms. It 'important browning the vegetables well at first, so that they can release their flavours in the sauce. We then add the shrimp heads, which I recommend should be very fresh. When they are very red we pour white wine – whose alcohol will evaporate – add the ripe fresh tomatoes and cover with the fish stock. It needs to cook for 40 minutes and then we can filter squeezing well both heads and tomatoes.

Now that the sauce is ready we can start preparing the soup.
Pour some Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a pan with a clove of garlic to taste – if you leave it whole, you can then take it off – brown it and add the sauce. When it starts boiling add the pasta and cook like it was a risotto for the minutes shown on the packaging of the pasta itself. Starches released during cooking will serve to bind the soup.

When the pasta is cooked, remove it from the heat and remove the garlic. Add the tomato in concassé, chop some basil in with your hands and add a pinch of salt.
We are now ready to serve. In the plate of choice we pour the soup adding chopped almonds on top, a little oil and a sprig of basil. "
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Danilo Bortolin, Chef