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Lake Perch Slice
Herbal Flavored Oil
Pork Retina
Boiled Red Beets
Chili Pepper
Soya Milk
Seed Oil
Sugar Snap Pees

Let's start by cooking the fish. Lightly oil the slice of perch from the lake – already freed of thorns and scales – with the herbal scented extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt.
We then take the pork retina, which can be replaced with finely cut lard, we lay it on the chopping board and wrap the perch in it, it will keep the fish softer while cooking. We warm up a bit of extra-virgin olive oil in a non-stick frying pan and lay on it the perch on the skin side, waiting for it to be well roasted. To help you understand when it’s ready look for the pork retina reddening.

In the meantime, we prepare the vegan mayonnaise with red beets: in a glass we throw the beets previously boiled cut into pieces, soya milk whose lecithin is well replacing the eggs, a little chili to counter the sweetness of the beetroots, salt and we start whisking it adding sunflower oil very slowly.

Let's take the previously boiled sugar snap pees – still crunchy though.. – add a bit of salt and extra-virgin olive oil. Check the cooking of the perch and cut it in beautiful pieces.

You are now ready to prepare the dish in a beautiful and colorful way: some vegan beetroots mayonnaise, the perch and some sugar snap pees on top. A few drops of EVO oil and your lakeside dish is ready. Enjoy!
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Danilo Bortolin, Chef