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Art, nature and imagination find the perfect balance at the Grand Hotel Majestic.

In the halls of the Grand Hotel Majestic hangs a work of art by the great Kounellis that perfectly blends with the spirit of the location. It is made up of a lead panel adorned with butterflies ready to take flight attracted by the lake’s sweet reflection. Every poetic image invokes wonder and makes you reflect on the existence of such a magical place.

Credit is due to the Zuccari family, which has renovated this impressive site of Belle Èpoque throughout the years, making it a sophisticated hotel where art, nature and imagination come together. Let’s imagine following the flight of the butterflies that flutter towards the Island of San Giovanni. They are searching for letters that seemed to have been lost and which writer Marella Caracciolo Chia has found again transforming them into ‘The Light in Between’, the title of a great book that recounts the love story that took place right here between Vittoria Colonna and the painter Umberto Boccioni. The butterflies continue playing and frolic among the leaves of the trees and seem to invite Arturo Toscanini to ride the line between the thinkable and the unthinkable: the opera. The old wood shutters are still half closed. Arturo is waiting for Lorin Maazel who will conduct three of the great Maestro’s operas in a series of unforgettable concerts organized with tenacity and passion by Cristina Zuccari to remember, or better yet, to celebrate the many years the Maestro spent in San Giovanni.
The butterflies keep moving and glide sinuously making small, light and delicate patterns recalling a past that seamlessly continues to poke through in the present. The boatman ignores the fact that the distinguished woman on board is Marguerite Yourcenar. The writer examines the horizon and has realised that happiness is innocence. The lake not only pleases the eyes, but also touches the heart. Gustave Flaubert, rippling over these waters, described Lago Maggiore as the most voluptuous lake he has ever seen. It is a wonder of nature that enchants, seduces and brings you to a state of rare sensuality and graciousness. The butterflies greet Eleonora Duse, who’s always desired to have a dress the same colour as the lake. In the Borromean Gulf, they approach the boats of the Stuarts, the queen of Romania, the kings of Italy, the royal family of Germany, and the princes and maharaja of India. There is so much history in these waters and so much fascination in this hotel. The butterflies fly by being gently pushed by precious gusts of wind and reverently dance around the Kashmir cypress on the island of Isola Madre. In spite of being hit once by a tornado, it is here that for over two hundred years the island has seamlessly emanated wonders. Right here on this natural landmark, Bob Wilson has situated an entirely red werewolf leaning on a red cane. The deus ex machina of the Grand Hotel Majestic, Cristina Zuccari, knows no limits. Among her fervent initiatives, every year she creates praiseworthy events, headliners, and makes dreams come true.
The butterflies continue playing and silently enter the Palazzo Borromeo, moseying around the magical theatre of William Kentridge and frivolously asking themselves what the relationship is between human emotions and the mechanisms of memory. Before returning, they salute the flowers scattered by Liliana Moro as the breeze lures them back to the hotel. At long last, they take rest in beautiful poses on the lead panel awaiting the next adventure enveloped in the impeccable and infinite union between art, beauty, nature and imagination that lives on here at the Grand Hotel Majestic, thanks to such a resourceful and enlightened family.
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Grand Hotel Majestic, Editor