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Ferrari, vintage cars and fashion unite as a symbol of beauty

The event’s fourth edition, organised by Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, took the road from Strona to Pallanza ending at the Grand Hotel Majestic
“Nothing can be beautiful which is not true,” says a well-known verse. And the response is, nothing is true without beauty. The enchanting landscape of Lago Maggiore perfectly fits these prerequisites: it is both beautiful and true. This is why it was chosen as the last stop on the tour titled ‘Eccellenze italiane’ which took place in mid September for an entire weekend.
The event was organised by Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, a woollen mill specialising in extremely high quality cloth, which translates into the production of esteemed fabrics for clothing and outerwear.

The company welcomed over two hundred spectators, including fans of Ferrari and vintage cars and big players in fashion from Asia, America and Europe.
Reunited in the historic woollen mill of Strona, a pleasant town in Biella, participants gave life to a celebration of beauty where fashion, Ferraris of every kind and other vintage cars were mixed harmoniously.

The tour, which passed through the area’s most beautiful roads, was divided into timed pit stops where special manostats maintained by racing professionals had been posted along the roadway in order to offer an authentic sport experience in addition to this day of glamour.
Panoramic areas of rare beauty, including the historic, medieval part of the city of Biella, a.k.a. the ‘Piazzo’, Burcina and Bossola, and finally Lago Maggiore offered unique scenery to this event highlighting symbols of excellence and the magnificent Italian landscapes.

There were also other exciting ‘pit stops’, such as wine tasting during a visit to the Travaglini wine cellars, a significant winery devoted to wine exportation throughout the world.
The arrival at Pallanza on Lago Maggiore was very evocative: a swarm of luxurious cars gave way to a remarkable sight for the grand finale at the Grand Hotel Majestic, prestigious host of the evening gala organised by Fratelli Tallia di Delfino.
There were many partners and supporters of the event from local businesses interested in making the event a reality and who fit well into the context of Italian excellence, or ‘Eccellenze italiane’, including the weaving factory Grandi & Rubinelli, leader in high quality shirt fabrics, Chargeurs, multinational leader in the production of lining for apparel, Asahi Kasei, an important Japanese producer of the famous Cupro, La Collina dei Ciliegi, which offered their wines during the entire event, and Lauretana, proclaimed by many consumers as some of the best water, and surely the most lightweight, in all of Europe.

The fourth edition of ‘Eccellenze italiane’, an event uniting lovers of all things beautiful at some of the most renowned and praised locations in Italy, took place in a serene and tranquil environment as a sign of friendship and cordiality, vividly immersed in the charming scenery of the Grand Hotel Majestic. The choice was a rewarding one as the Grand Hotel Majestic is a proactive entity, distinguished for its creation of events, meetings and cultural gatherings as well as being a sought-after location not only for its undeniable charm, but also because it is equipped with all the specific resources needed to transform every initiative into something memorable. (related article: A New Kind of Meeting).
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Grand Hotel Majestic, Editor