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Grand Hotel Majestic accompanies its guests to an exclusive view of the islands

At sundown, when the islands are closed to the public, a guide leads the guests of the Majestic to discover the immense charm of the Borromean gardens and to savour an aperitif served by the estate’s butler.
The magic of certain places is remarkable. Of course it is no coincidence, even if the handful of islands that emerge out of the waters of Lago Maggiore seem to have been playfully situated. How can these pearls of rare beauty survive whilst being surrounded by snowy mountains and assuaged by the icy waters coming forth from the icebergs? This is where the magic happens: a mild microclimate protects the lake’s water and a royal family has come to save the islands from ruin. The year is 1600. The Borromeos have acquired the islands with the clear intent of transforming them into magnificent gardens. The small island of Isola Bella, a name, a prophecy, is transformed into an imaginary vessel and is destined for formal encounters, while Isola Madre is to become a place for utmost rest and relaxation. Here, among essences that have been brought from afar and plants that seem to have been arranged by divine design, you can immerge into the wonders of nature with assortments of plants that are hard to find elsewhere. Merit goes to the Borromeo family for having maintained the gardens throughout the centuries, integrating new varieties of plants into the collections.
Unique among all Italian gardens, the “Parco Botanico” on Isola Madre and the “Giardini all’Italiana” on Isola Bella were added to the list of the Royal Horticultural Society in 2003. Gianfranco Giustina is the master gardener of the Borromeo Estate. For years, the Princes have entrusted him with the technical direction of the gardens and after years of hard work and specialised detail, he was honoured with the RHS Veitch Memorial Medal at RHS headquarters in Lindley Hall, London on 10 April 2014 in recognition of making the biggest contribution to progress in scientific knowledge in the field of horticulture.
A visit to this small corner of paradise on earth is not only an immersion into a setting of remote charm, yet a discovery of considerable scientific and naturalistic value. The Grand Hotel Majestic, in collaboration with the Borromeo family, offers its guests the ability to say that ‘exclusiveness’ is not enough: from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, when the gardens are closed to the public and the rays from sundown caress the lake’s waters, you can visit the islands accompanied by an expert guide and even savour an aperitif served by the butler of the Borromeo Estate. And who knows, you might even run into the owners, the Borromeo Princes, in their highly reserved quarters.
This is a magnificent opportunity dedicated to the guests of the Majestic, and is another bonus to add to the joyful emotions that the hotel offers. It is an undeniable opportunity to transform your holiday into a once in a lifetime experience, where you can relive moments from times long ago, which have never been lost, with exclusive access to Isola Bella and Isola Madre.
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Grand Hotel Majestic, Editor