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Risotto is a traditional preparation for rice in northern Italy, it is commonly considered a winter recipe, but the chef of the restaurant "La Beola" at the Grand Hotel Majestic in Pallanza wants to dispel the myth and give the prerequisite to lovers of risotto to taste it in a lighter summer version.
Beet Cream
Parmesan Cheese
Shallot Flavoured Butter
Goat Ricotta Cheese
Tomato powder
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chicken or Vegetable Broth
Salt and Pepper

Danilo Bortolin
Chef of the restaurant "La Beola" Grand Hotel Majestic – Pallanza
"Let's start with the roasting of rice with butter flavoured with shallots. I prefer Carnaroli rice because it is the most suitable for making risotto and is typical of this region, Piedmont. Add salt at this stage because the broth is natural. When the grain is nicely warm toned down with white wine.

While the rice is cooking, it takes about sixteen minutes, I dedicate myself to the ricotta mousse.
We work the goat cheese in a bowl with a dash of cream and milk - preferably goat. We mix until it reaches a creamy and homogeneous consistency to get into the siphon, you can assist you with an immersion blender and whips in the absence of the siphon.

After sixteen minutes of cooking the risotto is ready, and we can add beet cream – obtained by blending the cooked beets with a little 'of their water – a little butter, some parmesan cheese and a drop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and we turn for a beautiful creamy risotto wave.

We proceed with the dish preparation. Pour the rice into a nice plate and stretch it with tapping on the bottom. We grate some lemon zest on top – preferring the yellow part. In the middle we put a little ricotta goat cheese mousse, a hint of tomato powder and two basil sprouts. A fresh and tasty risotto for summer evenings is ready. "
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Danilo Bortolin, Chef