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Thighs of Guinea Fowl
Pork ribs
Aromas - Celery, Carrots, Onions, Bay Leaves, Garlic parmesan Egg Fresh spinach
Fresh pasta
Chestnut cream
Salt, Pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Crunchy Black Truffle

Today we present the cappellacci stuffed with guinea fowl on chestnut cream with crunchy black truffle, that is oven toasted bread sticks with flakes of black truffle. We start right from the preparation of the filling.
We take the thighs of the guinea-fowl, with the pork’s meat – better if you pick the fatty ribs – we add salt and black pepper; heat some EVO oil in a pan with a little butter to brown the meat. I add the vegetables previously washed and cut, I fry it all with some white wine and let it evaporate. The cooking proceeds gently like this for a couple of hours, with the possible addition of meat broth if necessary.

The stuffing after being chopped with a knife will be so, we put it in a boule and work it with a little 'parmesan and egg yolk, some boiled spinach and we can prepare the cappellacci. In this case for 1 kg of flour 00 I used 10 eggs and two egg yolks, to make the pasta very rich, I pulled it very thin and I made squares of about 8/10 cm each side. Brush it lightly with water that will help close the raviolo, add a generous spoonful of filling and close the sides like a candy.

We can now cook the cappellacci in boiling water with salt. We will simply season them with butter and radicchio. I prepare the dish with the chestnut cream at the base – boiled chestnuts mixed with a dash of vegetable oil – and slowly add the cappellacci, some radicchio leaves, some of the butter and finish it all with the crispy part that is given by the breadsticks with the black truffle.

The cappellacci stuffed with guinea fowl on chestnut cream with crunchy black truffle are ready, enjoy it!
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Ecrit par
Danilo Bortolin, Chef