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Art comes to a new life at the Grand Hotel Majestic


The Grand Hotel Majestic renews every year its passion for art.

Thanks to its strive for art, the Grand Hotel Majestic takes every year new artists on Lake Maggiore. Discover with us Gabriele Kromer’s project, a German 360-degrees artist, who has been showing her poster-graphics for several years in a dedicated hall of the Hotel.

Culture and fine arts have a permanent place in the Grand Hotel Majestic. In the
context of this tradition, Gabriele Kromer presents her “poster graphis” in an
annually renewed solo exhibition in the Sala Rotary II. The original graphics are
generated in varied formats and techniques. Elaborately printed, they are presented
in limited edition and as hand-signed “poster graphics”. Quite unconventional, funny
and enigmatic motives tell encoded stories of the ups and downs of life. They
generate a special mood which is also present in Gabriele Kromers poems. As an
accompanying art event dedicated to the EXPO 2015 in Milano and to its motto
“Feeding the planet”, Gabriele Kromer has created a large-scale graphic titled “We
share”. Divided into twelve sections, the graphic can be viewed in the Sala Rotary I.

The artist: Gabriele Kromer lives at Lake Constance, Germany. A former selection of her graphics appeared in her poetry volumes “Gedankenbriefe”, “Toben proben“ (both Hartung-Gorre Publishing House) and „Rabenchor“ (Edition Thaleia). She creates unconventional, partly vicious and grotesque, partly funny graphics that tell stories of life and loneliness. Gabriele Kromers graphics have been shown in many individual art exhibitions. They are done in varied techniques and formats.
Printed in an elaborate process, they are presented as „poster graphics“.
Link to Gabriele Kromers Homepage:

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