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by Chef Danilo Bortolin of the “La Beola” restaurant

- Carnaroli rice
- Sweet tomato purée
- Genovese Pesto
- Shallot Butter
- Butter
- Vegetable broth
- Grated Parmigiano
- Basil
- Garlic
- Pepper, Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Anchovies
- Caper flowers
- Taggiasca olives
- Dried tomatoes

This fresh and light dish exalts some of the main ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine and takes inspiration from the timeless Caprese salad.

A simple base made with the most traditional risotto prepared by toasting carnaroli rice, of strictly Piedmont origin, in shallot butter and then made to cook with a light vegetable broth. After the rice is cooked comes the fundamental step of letting it become creamy: butter, grated parmigiano and pepper add flavour and soften the risotto to give the dish its wavy texture.

The last step is to place it on the dish. In this case, not only does this give the dish its aesthetic but also adds the flavours of the Genovese pesto, the coulis of sweet tomatoes – prepared beforehand by blending the cooked tomatoes in hot extra virgin olive oil and garlic – anchovies, caper flowers, taggiasca olives and dried tomatoes.

This dish is available on the menu during spring and summer at the La Beola restaurant of the Grand Hotel Majestic in Verbania Pallanza, which you can savour in the elegant and warm dining room with large windows overlooking the Gulf of Borromeo and the Toscanini island, or during warm nights, below the hotel directly facing the blooming garden framed by Lago Maggiore.

Have a look at the video recipe on our Youtube channel: TOMATO AND MOZZARELLA RISOTTO
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Verfasst von:
Danilo Bortolin, Chef