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Two very appetising ideas reserved for food enthusiasts

Delicious cheeses, prestigious wines, tradition and culture: Lago Maggiore is indeed a very beautiful site, but also a great place to eat, with many ‘gourmet’ temptations at the Grand Hotel Majestic.
It is already well known that the Piedmont region offers great cuisine. Here, food and wine reach sublime heights. However, perhaps not everyone knows that excellent and interesting delicacies can be found around Lago Maggiore. The list is quite long and rather succulent: Coregone all’agro (tart lake whitefish), Agoni marinati (marinated lake fish), Trotelle dorate (golden baby trout), Pesce persico alla mugnaia (fried perch), whitefish or perch filet, stuffed pike, Risotto with filet of whitefish… from the waters of the lake to your watering mouth: the journey is short and very appetising. And don’t forget the cheeses that come from the mountain pastures and wines from the areas of Ghemme and Romagnano Sesia.
The Grand Hotel Majestic has created two very tasty experiences dedicated to all lovers of good food as an invite to get to know the high quality of La Beola, the hotel’s restaurant run by chef Mattia Anselmi, as well as to discover exquisite treasures found along the banks of the lake.
The first experience is called ‘A holiday to savour’ and includes dinner in the restaurant La Beola and a tasting of local wines and cheeses in the town of Intra at La Casera, an authentic location created by Eros Buratti, one of the best cheese refiners in Italy. The second experience is ‘Majestic Gourmet’ and includes two dinners: the first at Beola and the second at Il Piccolo Lago, a two-Michelin-star restaurant on Lago di Mergozzo. Both experiences have a common denominator: to fully experience a destination, seeing it does not suffice. You have to savour it, as well.
Here, everything is simply good. Perhaps it’s because the weather is nice, or because traditions have not been lost. Perhaps it’s because you can still give local products an authentic value. Cows and goats graze in the open alpine air, meats are produced and transformed into high-quality salamis according to ancient standards, the honey borders on sublime and is considered a delicacy when paired with lard, cheeses and local desserts. There are some standard names among the typical cheeses that you cannot forget to mention, such as the Ossolano d’Alpe cheese made from cow’s milk with a sweet and intense taste. Also, the renowned Bettelmatt, produced in only seven pastures of Valli Antigorio and Formazza and the Toma del Mottarone, with its characteristic pale yellow colour. Among prized salamis, you can find Ossolana mortadella, quality protected by Slow Food, prosciutto and violino di capra from Valle Vigezzo, lard with herbs from Macugnaga and the renowned carne secca (dried meat). Honeys of chestnut, black locust, linden and rhododendron varieties stand out among the rest. Our honey products are of such high quality that the Consortium for the Protection and Guaranteed Quality of Honey was established.
The wine list is just as long. Indeed wines from the Colli Novaresi area, such as Ghemme Docg, Nebbiolo Doc, Barbera and Vespolina Doc stand out among others. The area of Valli dell’Ossola, with its terraced vineyards, offers wines that accentuate mountain flavours such as Prünent, which celebrated 700 years of history, Neuv Bruschett, Cà d’Matè, Ossolanum, Tarlap and Balòss, which have been recognised as D.O.C since 2009. On the banks of the lake, you can entertain your palate with wines from Angera.
The Grand Hotel Majestic invites you to visit Lago Maggiore and the nearby towns to please not only your eyes, but also your palate. You can even depart directly from the hotel’s little bridge by boat to enjoy the beautiful view from atop the palace on the island Isola Bella and dine on Isola dei Pescatori. This experience alone is worth a weekend getaway. 

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