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SALTIMBOCCA with Perch Fish and Mellon Fluff

A summer recipe, km0 with Perch fish from lake Maggiore and ham from val Vigezzo, it’s ideal for warm evenings and light lunches. Danilo Bortolin, chef at Restaurant “La Beola” at the Grand Hotel Majestic in Pallanza, presents this Saltimbocca made with the king of the lake rolled around a local kind of ham, all of which on a sweet Mellon fluff. Some lettuce on top to add some crunchiness.
Perch Fish Fillets
Local Ham
Aromatic Herbs Sprouts
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Danilo Bortolin
Chef of the restaurant "La Beola" Grand Hotel Majestic – Pallanza

"Let’s start by taking the ham, sliced very thinly, on top of which you lay the Perch fillet – best cut is the back of the fish – get rid of the extra ham on the sides or it would cover the fish’s taste, and then roll it and block it with a stick so that they won’t open while cooking.

Pour a little oil on a warm pan, don’t add salt as the ham is giving out some of his own and put the ‘saltimbocca’ to roast on every sides. Val Vigezzo ham’s characteristic is its smoky taste and it will add this to the final dish.

To prepare the Mellon fluff, cut some rather large cubes and put them in the mixer with some salt, EVO and a drop of sparkling water. When smooth pour three large spoons on the dish’s bottom.

Take the stick off the ‘saltimbocca’, lay them on the mellon fluff with some lettuce leaves dressed with EVO and salt. Some aromatic herbs sprouts on top and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and Saltimbocca with Perch Fish on Mellon fluff is ready."
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Verfasst von:
Danilo Bortolin, Chef