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By Michael Morandi, sous-chef of Danilo Bortolin Chef at Ristorante “La Beola” At “Grand Hotel Majestic” di Verbania Pallanza

We would like to present you today a lentils soup with black cabbage and codfish.
Red tuna
Bloody Mary
Soy caramel
Agar Agar
Mixed sprouts

Today's recipe is fresh and suitable for summer heat.
Let's start by preparing the gel, or Bloody Mary jelly: we pour the basic ingredients of the cocktail into a pot. Tomato juice, vodka, tabasco, Worcester sauce, salt, pepper and a few drops of lemon to which we add agar agar, a natural thickener made from seaweed algae.
We bring it all to the boil for about two minutes, pour the liquid into a basin and let it rest in the fridge for at least a couple of hours so it solidifies.
Meanwhile, we prepare the tuna by making a rectangle and we cut the rest of the pitch.
We throw the rectangle in frying pan with little oil and cool it in water and ice to stop cooking.
When Bloody Mary's gel is ready we can blend it.
We split the tuna rectangle into two cubes and we are ready to plow. Sprinkle the bottom of the plate with the soy caramel, add the two tins of tuna on the sides of the plate and the tartare in the center, celery, seaweed, a few basil sprouts, Bloody Mary gel, salt and an oil wire Olive oil to finish.

The Tanned Tuna with Bloody Mary Jelly and Soya Caramel is ready.
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Verfasst von:
Danilo Bortolin, Chef