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Les Nuits Romantiques

A leap over time, in a city - Paris - where the presence of Liszt and Chopin, but above all of the most important Maisons of piano makers, made the music sociality of this city unique and inimitable.
Concerts in Salons, Manufacturers' Salles, Ateliers, wherever it was possible to listen not only to who would change the history of piano and keyboard literacy, but their emulates, who had hope to change their own existence with the piano.
This edition will enhance the Dattrino Collection not only the two instruments already appreciated last year. They include a precious Boisselot specimen of 1845, very close as a serial number to the piano used by Liszt for his tour in the Iberian peninsula in 1844. And it will be the integral of the "transcendent Études d'exécution" to revive this moment Historical compositional and executive drunkenness.
So three great - perhaps the greatest - Maisons of Facteurs de pianofortes operating in France, serve the program of this edition.

The Grand Hotel Majestic has already hosted two concerts of the Romantic Piano Festival organized by the Associazione Note Romantiche and the Municipality of Verbania: Flavio Ferri Benedetti controtenore and Constantine Mastroprimiano pianist with a Erard, Piano en Forme de Clavecin 1838, Mastroprimiano is the artistic director of the second edition of this festival. Stefania Neonato who performed Chopin's compositions on Pleyel's piano in 1856, at the second event of the festival.
After the break in August, the show will resume in September and there are two more appointments in the hotel on September 17th and 24th, with respectively the pianists Edoardo Torbianelli and Jean-Francois Antoniali.

Find the complete program at http://www.noteromantiche.org/
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