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Grand Hotel Majestic's First Ever Kitchen


by Cristina Pastore, "La Stampa"

The name is the same as his grandfather, but in French ‘Léonard’. The last name is Fradelizio, typically from Trontano, in Ossola Valley, on a sunny slope at the entrance of the Vigezzo valley. Born at Albertville in Savoy, he’s lived for thirty years in Copenhagen, before arriving in Denmark, however, he has lived in England and in Berlin. He is now 65 years old and recently retired. For a
long time he has dedicated himself to photography. Previously - as he himself says - he did a bit 'of everything, but not the stove maker, the craft that was for centuries a tradition of his family. Leonardo, his grandfather, was the last of a dynasty of masters of the smooth operation of stoves and fireplaces.
His great-grandfather – Giovanni Battista Fradelizio – in the early nineteenth century had exclusive rights to the intervention on the royal palaces of Fontainebleau and distinguished himself for charities in favor of the villagers of Trontano. Grandfather Leonardo in the twenties of last century, after he
practiced in France, then returned to Ossola to start a business that became quite the ‘label’ in building stoves.
His commissions were important and one of his Danish nephew passion, who spends his summers in a house inherited in the village of Ossola, is to track down the places where his grandfather created stoves that it’s not a struggle to define works of art, such as built stove for the kitchens of the Grand Hotel Majestic. Stove up to the demands of the chefs who served an exclusive and international
clientele, behind which became immortalized for using the image as advertisement of its award-winning company. A postcard that Léonard has found in the family archives and that a few days ago, together with his partner Dorte, wanted to personally deliver to Cristina Zuccari, owner with her mother Rosanna of the great hotel in Pallanza.

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