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CardioChef - Feed your Heart

On the occasion of the World Heart Day, the “Amici del Cuore” association organizes a dinner event at Grand Hotel Majestic in Pallanza on Saturday 30th September. Doctor Davide Terranova and chef Franco Ruggero will provide advice on how to choose, cook and preserve foods so that they are good for the heart. The event is called CardioChef and the two experts will work together with the Chef of the hotel’s restaurant 'La Beola', Danilo Bortolin, and the starred Massimiliano Celeste of 'Portale'.
We will talk about the most common dietary mistakes that we daily make, providing practical information for a nice and proper nutrition. The collection of the evening will contribute to the project "Neomaggiorenni e defribillatori" to offer VCO young adults some training for the use of defibrillators.
Reservations can be made at the reception of Grand Hotel Majestic, 0323.509711
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