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Andrea Lucky Lucchetta together with Ale & Franz at the Grand Hotel Majestic

The events that have animated the summer in Verbania up until now are numerous and all of great quality, many others will follow, and the Grand Hotel Majestic is always happy to collaborate with the organizers for the hospitality of artists and their troupe, especially if the events are for charity.

So it happened for Beach4Babies, the Beach Volleyball tournament that has been taking place in Piazza San Vittore in Intra - right in Piazza San Vittore where tons of sand are transported and a real Beach Volleyball stadium was set up - the last week of July and the first of August. This year 22,000 Euros have been collected, which will be destined for the Pediatric and Ophthalmic Pediatric wards of the Castelli Hospital and the Red Cross of Verbania.

The formula is now tested, every year there is an opening event and a great testimonial. And this year, also thanks to the support of the able Manuela Ronchi with his partner Demetrio Albertini and their Action Agency, at the opening there were comedians Ale and Franz, who filled the Teatro Maggiore, and to animate children camps in the afternoon a real World Champion of Italian Volleyball, the legendary Andrea Lucchetta, known as Lucky Lucchetta…
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